Soundtrack splendour

One of the most difficult parts of independent film production is sourcing music. What you have in mind while writing, filming and editing the piece often can’t be cleared (at a reasonable rate, in a timely manner, by all parties, etc.) for use in the finished movie, and sometimes you really want original music. However, unless you have a magical relationship with a composer (Eric Serra and Luc Besson, Robert Zemeckis and Alan Silvestri, John Carpenter and himself), finding someone who understands how to underscore the beats throughout a film can be tricky business.

Fortunately, we only had to go as far as Leeds.

We are absolutely humbled and proud to announce that master musician/producers Rich Huxley and Ed “Wizard” Waring are working with their Hope and Social bandmate (and award-winning composer) James Hamilton (also of James Hamilton Jazz Orchestra fame) to create the score for our first independent short, “The Call.”

From what we’ve seen and heard so far, the music adds an amazing dimension to the film. We look forward with anticipatory glee to showing off the brilliance of the score, which so perfectly fits what we had in mind that I can’t believe there was only one skype.

If you’ve not heard of Hope and Social, here’s a fab film from our fantastic friends at Shot By Sodium documenting the first of Hope and Social’s “Crypt Covers” series and featuring the also excellent Ellen and the Escapades.

“Addicted to Love” as covered by Hope and Social with Ellen and the Escapades. Video from Shot by Sodium.

You probably don’t want to sit in the black chair, it’ll suck you in.

Hi there!

Welcome to the LonDen Pictures website. None of us has much experience designing or running websites, but felt we ought to establish our home base (as such), so here we are. Much like that first apartment with the bachelor-brown shag carpeting and hand-me-down furniture, this isn’t quite us, but we hope you’ll come by and visit anyway. We promise that eventually we’ll have comfy chairs with all-good springs (and maybe even a lovely chaise lounge). In the meantime, we’re serious about the black chair – we had a hassock under the seat to keep people from falling in, but that went missing and now if you sit in the chair, it sucks you in.

Cuppa tea?